Sunday Morning Life Groups

If you aren't connected at Central, the best place to start is at a Sunday Morning Life Group. Groups meet at 8:30am, 9am or 10:15am.

• Contagious Christianity, 8:30am – FLC Room 101

Find fellowship, encouragement, Bible study and prayer with this group, as you develop a faith that others will want to know about.

• In His Likeness, 8:30am – FLC Room 102

The prayer of this group is to learn how to let the light of Christ shine through them in every situation, and that God will use them during these troubled times to draw others to the cross of Christ.

• New Song in Christ (20’s), 9:00am – FLC Room 201/202

Join this 20-Something group as we discover the "new song" the Lord has put in our hearts to serve and trust in Him. There will be time to study God's Word, pray and connect with new friends!

 • Cover to Cover, 10:15am – FLC Room 205/206

This group is comprised of all ages, both marrieds and singles, studying the Bible from cover to cover, verse by verse.

• Family Matters, 10:15am – FLC Room 101

Need practical, biblical guidance for marriage and raising kids? Want to join a life group with like-minded people? This Sunday Life Group is made up of couples in their 30’s and 40’s, and is designed for parents of children in elementary through high school. 

• Authentic Marriage, 10:15am – FLC Room 108* new room

We focus on building and maintaining healthy, strong marriages that honor the Lord.

• Encouraging Word, 10:15am – FLC Room 103

The focus of this class is to bring people into a relationship with the family of God to learn to live a disciplined Christian life. The heart of the class is a lively verse-by-verse study of God’s Word and great discussion on how to apply it in our lives. 

• Disciples Under Construction, 10:15am FLC Room 105

This is a welcoming fellowship of believers who enjoy exploring the truth of God’s Word and its application to our lives, through lively discussions full of insight, wisdom, and humor. We hope you will come visit us! 

• Overcomers, FLC Room 106

This class exists for both couples and singles to study the foundations of the Bible, how they apply to our lives, and how we should live differently as a result. We invite you to join us as we rightly divide the Word of Truth and study to show ourselves approved.

• Living the Word, 10:15am – FLC Room 109

Open to anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible, this calls studies both New and Old Testament books, in a verse-by-verse format. Our class is discussion-oriented, and the goal is to understand the importance of the Bible. We love to fellowship with one another outside of class and are always looking for ways to serve others.

• Prism (Adults over 60), 10:15am – FLC Seminar Room

Our class consists of older adults (60+) that focus on three major objectives: learning how to better love the Lord, love each other, and love the lost. We are a large class that feels like family. This group includes couples, singles, and widows/widowers. 

• Blueprints: Your Life in Christ, 10:15am – FLC Room 203

This 4-week class is for those new to Christianity or those that want to know more about what it looks like to be a Christian and to walk in God’s Word. Groups meet in March, May and October.