When men are encouraged to fulfill their God-given roles at home, at church and in the community, everyone benefits. At Central Church, opportunities are consistently available for men to be encouraged, inspired and challenged to be leaders and strong role models. We offer regular Bible studies, fellowship and service opportunities where men can get plugged in.  For more information on men's events at Central, email Pastor Evan Albertyn.

Men can also volunteer to be a part of Men of Acts, a ministry which allows the men of Central to be a blessing to singles, elderly, widowed or disabled individuals who could not otherwise afford to have the work done on their homes. For more information, please contact Alan Humble.

February 11, 2023

Super Saturday Man Breakfast

Saturday 7:30 am - 9:15 am

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Periodically throughout the year, Central hosts special events for the men of the church. For those events, we often need volunteers. Also, once every few weeks, the Friday morning Men's Bible Study & Fellowship includes a breakfast for which we need volunteers to cook and serve.

To help at special men's events or Friday morning breakfasts, email Pastor Evan Albertyn or fill out a Volunteer Form. On the application, just be sure to choose "Men" as your area of ministry.