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There is a difference between giving up and surrendering.

Pause #7

Pastor Loran Llivingston

Whatever I give up or give away, God replaces with more of Himself.

God won’t make me comfortable in life, but He’ll comfort me in Christ.

Pause #5

Pastor Loran Livingston

You are not a victim. You are here to help deliver the victims.

Pause #4

Pastor Loran Livingston

The Mercies of God

Pause #3

Pastor Loran Livingston

The Fatherhood of God

Pause #2

Pastor Loran Livingston

While the world is on hold, take a moment to pause with Pastor Loran Livingston and Central Collective as we redirect our focus and think about the mercy of God.

Pause #1

Pastor Loran Livingston

December 31, 2019 New Year's Eve Prayer Service

Pastor Loran Livingston
New Year's Eve Prayer Service

Treasures of the Heart 2019

Treasures of the Heart
Christmas Musical

October 14, 2019 Monday Night Prayer

Pastor Loran Livingston
Monday Night Prayer Service



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