September 5, 2021 Message Russian

Run For Your Life

September 5, 2021

Pastor Loran Livingston

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"Christ The King"
"I Have a Savior"
"No Doubt About It"
"Is He Worthy"
"Jesus at the Mention of Your Name"

October 17, 2021 Music Russian

Sanctuary Choir and Morning Worship

Pastor Livingston cites scriptures about the Christian’s authority, access and relationship with God which give us assurance that He hears and will answer our prayers during our lifetime.

Oct. 17, 2021 Message Russian

Pastor Loran Livingston
"In the Land of the Living"

October 10, 2021 Message Russian

Pastor Loran Livingston
"Are You Close Enough to Hear the Whisper?"

As the Israelites still had Egypt in their hearts after they left, Pastor Livingston says we still have the world in our hearts. We are holding ourselves back from knowing God and His direction because we still have affection for the world.

Oct. 3, 2021 Message RUSSIAN

Pastor Loran Livingston
"Is Egypt Still in Your Heart?"