Life Care Center

"Feeling stuck is a miserable feeling."

You might relate to this story: You were convicted and encouraged after attending church on a Sunday morning. You walked out of the doors empowered to live differently, but soon afterwards you found yourself struggling again, and questioning if you even had an encounter with the Lord. Perhaps these words from the apostle Paul even resonate with you: “For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.” (Romans 7:18)

Feeling stuck is a miserable feeling, especially if you think you’re the only one feeling that way. It was for this exact purpose that the Life Care Center was started at Central Church.

Cynthia Hunt has served at the Life Care Center for 29 years and as its director for the last 18 years. She is an experienced Biblical counselor whose passion for helping people in the hurts and challenges of life was born out of her own experience of gaining healing and growth through this ministry.

“I would not attempt to do this ministry without the guidance of the Holy Spirit,” Cynthia said. “God’s Word is our greatest resource. Prayer is our greatest weapon. Love is our greatest bridge.”

The Life Care Center is a place for anyone struggling spiritually, emotionally, or relationally. “What I’ve always known to be true is that there are people in our congregation that are hurting and struggling,” Cynthia explained. “But they’re scared to tell anybody. They don’t want anybody to think that they’re not where they need to be with the Lord.”

Taking that initial step to reach out for help requires courage. That’s why Cynthia and the church staff strives for the Life Care Center to be a place where people feel safe and accepted.

“It’s a safe place where people say they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when they come,” Cynthia said. “People are nervous when they come in here. It’s important for them to see God’s Word in action, feel His presence and find hope.”

The Life Care Center offers numerous resources for people seeking healing and growth.  One of those powerful resources is Celebrate Recovery.

“The goal of Celebrate Recovery is to help you become Christ-like in character,” Jordan Maxwell said. Jordan assists in the Life Care Center and coordinates all facets of the Celebrate Recovery ministry. Jordan saw the impact of Celebrate Recovery in her own life, which in turn has led her to passionately serve others with “hurts, habits and hang-ups.”

“Celebrate Recovery helps us see that the Lord loves us right where we are,” Jordan said. “You don’t have to get your life together to come to Jesus. You come to Jesus and He helps you get your life together.”

Celebrate Recovery meetings are held every Wednesday night, 6:30 to 8:30pm in the Family Life Center. There’s no registration required; simply come as you are to enjoy fellowship, worship, testimonies, teaching and small groups.

mcLambI would like to offer encouragement. My name is Michael McLamb, and after graduating from high school in 2013, I struggled during times of deep depression and intense anxiety. I also felt defeated by a personal struggle which was a stronghold in my life. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the power of the Holy Spirit working through Christian counselors and people that have supported me over the years.

We were never meant to do this life alone. I would urge anyone to take advantage of this amazing resource that is available to our members at the Life Care Center. 

Have questions or need more information? Call the Life Care Center at 704.365.6112 or email